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Given the critical and unprecedented moment that Brazil is going through in its most serious, reckless and unprecedented political, social and economic crisis, it may seem, at first sight, a worse situation than the current one. But, yes, it could be much worse if it were not for the prevalence in this period, of good results from the only segment of the economy that keeps the pillars of support and maintenance of national wealth resistant: Agribusiness.

Studies by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) project a growth of the world population that reaches 9 billion people in the next four decades. This growth will be directly proportional to the demand for food, which is expected to rise from the current 2.15 billion to 3.5 billion tons. In this way, it will naturally be imposed on the nations of the world their particular contribution to increase agricultural production in a sustainable manner and thus achieve the necessary 70% increase by then.


We are a Brazilian company of territorial management, representation, consultancy and assistance in Agricultural Import and Export applied to agribusiness.

Seed Potato

With over 30 years of experience in Seed Potato, both in Official Bodies (MAPA) and in the private sector, our representation and relationship with the main Seed Potato producing countries in the world, accredit us to guide and conduct any initiative in import and production Potato for fresh consumption or industrialization.

Garlic Growing Machines

MBAgriculture is the exclusive representative of the Spanish company ZOCAPI MAQUINARIAS para GARLIC. Through import and manufacture in Brazil, we promote the development and development of a Mechanization System for the planting and harvesting of garlic, as well as Modernization for the processing of bulbs and seeds.

Consulting and Advisory

We are a network of consultants in matters of Agribusiness and we advise companies and the rural entrepreneur in several segments, from government projects in the establishment of family farming settlements and large areas, mechanization of the cultivation of garlic, identification of customers for the destination of agricultural products in international trade even legal support for environmental conflicts.


We offer excellence and reliability in the provision of services
in agribusiness, enabling better results for your company


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